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Thank you Coach Dennis, for teaching me how to be a man. -Marcin

Madison and Jillian have definitely been impacted in such a positive way by Street Jitsu. We as parents have given both girls several opportunities with different sports. But nothing has inspired them quite like Brazilian jui-jitsu. Especially Madison. She has found a true love for it and is very driven to learn. She is excited about getting better and stronger. She goes to school and is proud to tell her friends she goes to Street Jitsu. She's proud of herself. It's given her the confidence to stand up for herself and have a voice. When she goes to class, I can see she's in her element, she's there to learn and wants to show respect and impress. Thanks to Street Jitsu, Madison has an outlet to see her ability to be physically and mentally strong and has something to prove to people, most importantly herself. It has given her an identity and something to strive for to be a better stronger person. I have also seen huge changes in Jillian. She's younger yet I feel she too has found her niche and is wanting to succeed and better herself. She has built confidence tremendously in the last year and is physically stronger and the most fit she's ever been! Since we started coming to Street jitsu, Jillian has been more outspoken than ever before and does not break down emotionally quite like she used to. We can tell she has built inner strength, handling situations at home and school better. We are both so proud of our girls and think they are amazing people and truly believe Street Jitsu in bringing out the best in them. A huge Thank You to Coach Dennis and the whole Street Jitsu family! -Christie Hoffer

From a young age I have always been an active person. I grew up playing a wide range of sports in grade school and continued to run and lift weights in college. After graduating and joining the professional workforce I was interested in trying something new to keep me in shape. I was lucky enough to find Dennis Thomas and his gym where I started training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Submission Wrestling, Muay Thai and Boxing. I've taken a great liking to BJJ and with the help of Dennis and his school have been able to successfully compete and win in several competitions. Dennis has dedicated many hours to helping me improve my skills and see that I have all that I need to be successful in my pursuit of Jiu Jitsu knowledge. During my time training at Street Jitsu, I have arrived at a healthy body weight, built major cardio, and strengthened many muscles in my body I would not be able to train on my own. Last year I was able to complete a sprint triathlon with little run/swim/bike training and I credit much of my success to my time spent on the mats training with Dennis and the Street Jitsu team. For the days I feel like lifting weights and breaking down my muscles we have that equipment available at the gym as well. I am so thankful for all the Street Jitsu team have done for me and am left feeling more accomplished and empowered after every training session. I am proud to be a part of the Street Jitsu team and plan to be around for years to come! -Tanner Schroeder Fort Worth, TX Age: 26

"Street Jitsu has really made a huge positive impact on my son..."

Our 4th grade son was really struggling with confidence. Enough so that the school counselor mentioned it to me, which was worrisome. He also struggles with ADHD and was having a hard time getting his school work done, even on medication.

We knew he needed to be in some kind of physical activities to boost confidence and work on self discipline, but we had tried sports and he didn’t really enjoy any of them. The counselor recommended marital arts, and since it was something we were already considering, we signed him up in January of his 4th grade year.

I never give my son ADHD meds on the weekends, or during the summer, and that summer, I noticed that he was really ok. He wasn’t nearly as hyperactive as usual and his anxiety levels were pretty normal. He is now in 5th grade and has grown so much in confidence, that it’s astonishing. He has gained muscle, and is doing great in school! Even finishing all of his work, every day! Street Jitsu has really made a huge positive impact on my son. He loves it, and looks forward to working hard towards his goals. But, best of all, he actually believes he can reach them! - M., Street-Jitsu Parent/

"Since I started at Street Jutsu, I have never felt more confident..."

I have not ventured in to the BJJ area yet but I can speak to Boxing and Muay Thai. The top 3 ways Street Jitsu has impacting my life since I joined are;

1. Overall Health and Fitness - I feel like I am in some of the best shape of my life since joining. I have 2 examples;

First, I recently joined an adult soccer team since being out of soccer for a few years. Since soccer is a running sport, I was concerned that I would suffer quite a bit getting acclimated. Surprisingly in my first game, I felt great and did not have any issues and really felt like I was fully prepared and in shape which I completely attribute to my boxing and Muay Thai training.

Second, I recently went in for my normal annual physical and blood work and my results have never been this good which once again I completely attribute to my Street Jitsu training.

2. Lost weight - I have never been too far overweight but I seemed to hover about 10-15 pounds above my target before I started at Street Jitsu. Since I started at Street Jitsu, I have lost 15+ pounds which puts me exactly where I want to be based on my height and build.

3. Gained more confidence - I am married and have kids so as a father and husband, I want to feel fully capable of protecting my family in a bad situation. Since I started at Street Jitsu, I have never felt more confident in my abilities to be able to protect them if we ever happen to find ourselves in a bad situation. This is a big deal for me that I don't take lightly.

Other than the areas listed above, I would also like to highlight that I have always been impressed by the coaches, the equipment and the cleanliness of the facility. I really enjoy coming in and working out which makes it easy to stay motivated to keep improving. -Johnny Evans, Street-Jitsu Student 

I moved from Illinois and did not know many people. The new job was stressful and learning a new area was stressful as well. After joining, I met a lot of great people in class and having the opportunity to train helped ease some of the stress I was dealing with. I also feel I have improved in my jiu Jitsu game to the point where I won my 1st gold medal. -Tom Rodriguez

First of all coach thank you for doing what you do. This is not a hard to answer because I could see the tremendous change in my Personal And family life. First I am in great shape and I have only been doing Jiu Jitsu for 6 weeks, I could see the outcome in years to come. Second, it has reduced my unhealthy habits like smoking and drinking alcohol. Third and most important it has brought my son and I together. My son also does Jiu Jitsu and we have found a something we both like , we are spending plenty of quality time together and have lots to talk about now. -Gerardo Sansen

I was 46 when I started at Street Jitsu. My flexibility was bad and my body was feeling 46. I worked out regularly but wanted to add something different. I tried yoga but it was a bit too boring for me. I decided to try jiu jitsu and because Street has 6:00 am classes that fits my schedule perfectly. Jiu jitsu has made my cardio better than I have ever been. My flexibility is much better and I've lost over 20 pounds. If anyone thinks they are too old or not in shape enough to start jiu jitsu then I would tell them that they couldn't do anything better than jiu jitsu. -M.

3 ways Street Jitsu changed my life

-gave me a family to come train and grow with on a daily basis

-gave me an activity to brighten the sludge of day to day life

-pulled me out of depression when I was at my lowest point -Chris Reithmeier

Coach Dennis is a great person and teacher. He is super passionate about teaching and helping achieve their goals. I would recommend Street Jitsu to anybody who wants to train as a hobby or to compete. Check it out.- Frank K.

My family has been profoundly affected by street jiu jitsu. We have been blessed to be fortunate enough to be part of such a great place. So much so that when I attend, the whole family attends, the training exceeds that of just jiu jitsu, and my children have been influenced in a positive way. Nothing can remove the skills and experiences we have acquired with coach Dennis. -Alejandro M.

We want you guys to know how much we're into it & love our classes! -Melissa R.

We love being members! Best family workout atmosphere ever. You guys rock! Thanks for everything! -Tyler G.

We love being a part of your team!! These classes have changed my kids for the better and we have you to thank.- Anita S.

I was able to introduce a family member to the exciting world of BJJ through this gym which came highly recommended by a friend who regularly attends. We came as unannounced walk ins, and were quickly invited to warm up drills and that day's instruction. Coach Dennis is an amazing instructor who finds a way to break down complicated techniques in a way that is easily understandable by anyone. The class had men and women of all ages who were very welcoming. It's easy to see that Coach Dennis builds a competitive spirit, and community through his gym. -Robert Yaeger

Best environment for learning martial arts I've come across. And despite this, relatively low rates. Coach Dennis is a great BJJ teacher, and fellow students are fun to learn with. Check it out. -Kennedy JR Izuagbe

Coach Dennis is great!!! My 4 year old trains at Street Jitsu and loves it. This is a great gym to learn and train at regardless of your skill set. Whether you're brand new or a veteran in matial arts you'll be impressed with the caliber of trainers and the facility. -NF

My kids love this place and are learning alot. I completely recommend anybody that is looking for a place to train should sign up here.They teach and understand how kids best respond to instruction.The adult classes have so many people there that are willing to help teach the kids.I feel like the everyone here can help you achieve your goal.You get a family oriented atmosphere along with professional, courteous, and experienced instructors.The instructors,Coach Dennis and Coach Jambo are very knowledgeable, approachable and technical.Coach Jambo rolls with his students to teach them what they need to better on and to advance on their training, depending on what you want to accomplish, they are awesome with kids and adults.This is a great gym to get in shape, compete or just learn Jiu Jitsu.I would definitely recommend stopping by and check out the gym.Outstanding school!!.We are so pleased that our whole family has joined! -Iram Nadeem